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What Is a Modulating Furnace?

Your furnace doesn’t run nonstop (unless there is something wrong with it). Instead, it switches on when the temperature in your home drops too low and then shuts off once it is within an acceptable temperature range. However, when it shuts off, you might find that parts of the room still don’t feel warm enough for comfort. Until the system cycles on again, you may struggle to keep warm.

New developments in HVAC technology have allowed experts to develop furnaces that effectively solve this problem. A modulating furnace can effectively control the temperature in your home, reducing cold spots and allowing for more efficient and high-performance heating.

How It Works

Modulating furnaces can have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of up to 98%, but the minimum efficiency rating for furnaces is only 78%. How is this possible? A modulating furnace makes slight adjustments to the temperature and fan speed while it is operating, rather than only starting and stopping and starting again.

It does this with the help of a variable speed blower, which means the fan speed can adjust as needed, and a modulating gas valve. The gas valve continuously monitors and regulates the combustion rate, allowing a specific amount of fuel to be burned with any cycle. With these two features combined, a modulating furnace is able to heat your home efficiently while keeping the temperature only ½ of a degree from the thermostat setting. With a normal furnace, the temperature could vary by 5 degrees, which is why you still feel cold after the furnace cycles off.

What makes this system so efficient is that the gas valve rarely releases gas at full capacity, and the fan is almost never running at full speed. This is an excellent type of system for anyone hoping to replace an inefficient furnace. Call your local heating technician to learn more!

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