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4 Little-Known Factors in Home Heating Efficiency

money-house-shadowMost people would love to spend less money on their monthly bills. However, when it comes to saving on necessities like a heating system, it’s difficult to know where to start. After all, much of your heating system is hidden in places you don’t look, with the heater cabinet located out of view and the ducts in the ceiling, walls, and crawlspaces.

Because of this, you may not realize that these 4 factors can influence the efficiency at which your furnace runs, and the size of your bills. We hope this knowledge will help you to upgrade your home or make small changes for better efficiency.

The Air Ducts

First, you should know that the air ducts play an important role in how efficiently a heater can work. Poor sealing and poor duct design forces air and heat out of the system and into crawlspaces, or wherever your ducts are located. When you have trouble feeling comfortable in one part of the home, the air ducts may be the culprit, but you still pay for the same amount of heating!

Heater Sizing

If a furnace is not the right size for your home, it won’t run properly or efficiently. And this is true for heaters that are too small and heaters that are too large!

You can probably see the problem with having a heating system that’s too small for the home. It won’t be able to effectively heat the home, and will have to run constantly to keep up temperatures, resulting in high bills. But go too large, and the system may be too big for your home. It can run for brief cycles and turn on too frequently, something that wears down components and requires a lot of energy.

Having installers carefully size the space in your home in the first place is key to ensuring your heater runs efficiently from the beginning!

A Couple of Degrees

Turning the temperature up just a couple of degrees more than you need can result in a major waste of energy and fuel! You may come home from work on a chilly day and turn the thermostat up as high as it can go, but we strongly caution against this. All it can do is use more energy than you need.

Find an efficient temperature your family can deal with and try to keep it here while you are home. We recommend starting at about 70°F and seeing if you can go lower. When you leave for work, raise the temperature by 5-10°F.

Whether You’ve Had Maintenance This Year

Whether or not you’ve had maintenance this year can have a factor on how efficiently your heating system runs. If you have not had maintenance this year, the system may be in need of a tune-up. Cleaning the burners and making small adjustments could help you save, and that’s just what a qualified technician will do.

Schedule your annual heating maintenance or any heating service near Farmington, NM, with Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time!

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