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Don’t Skip Heating Maintenance This Year

furnace-service-maintenance-repair-techYou maintain your car every few months or so. It’s an important investment, one that you couldn’t imagine being without for very long, so it’s something you want to take care of. Besides, without proper maintenance, it could become unsafe. Everything we’ve said here can and should also apply to your home’s heating system (furnace, boiler, or heat pump). But many people don’t quite see its importance.

Your heating system needs love and care too, and we’re here to tell you why. Make sure your heating system gets the maintenance it deserves, and find out why you shouldn’t skip it this year, in today’s guide.

Heating Maintenance Is Worth the Money

Yes, heating maintenance comes at a cost. But that cost can be quickly offset by what you save, if not slowly throughout the season. There are a couple of main ways regular heating maintenance helps you to save.

  • Lowers your bills – Regular heating maintenance involves a tune-up of the system that can help your heater retain 95% of its original efficiency throughout most of its lifespan. That means lower bills for longer.
  • Detects problems early – The major service involved during professional heating maintenance is a complete tune-up of the system. This can help to detect problems with your heater early so that you can fix them ASAP. You might be thinking that this sounds like an extra The truth is that this step prevents a heater repair from worsening and affecting other components, costing more in the end.

Every Appointment Can Add to Its Lifespan

With each heating system tune-up, you might be adding to its lifespan. Heating system maintenance helps to keep the components in the best shape possible. And as you may know from experience, keeping something clean and maintained is the best way to make it last. Heating systems that receive routine maintenance each year, especially right before the heating season, can live months or even years longer than similar poorly-maintained systems.

You Won’t Want to Deal with the Hassle of Emergency Repair

Trust us, once winter has picked up and you have your furnace running most of the year, heating repair is going to turn into a major headache. While we are happy to help you out with heating repair at any time, you will have to wait a little while in most cases, and you will likely pay more for an emergency repair or replacement for a broken-down system! Preventative care seems to be the obvious choice.

It’s for Your Safety

As if these reasons weren’t enough, we’re here to tell you that routine heating maintenance can increase the safety and health of your family. It’s rare that modern furnaces run into major safety problems, but there’s always a possibility. Any time you have a system that burns fuel, you risk gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and even a potential fire risk. A technician will check for flue leaks and other hazards during routine inspection.

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