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4 Ways to Prevent Heater Repair

opening-furnace-cabinetMaking a sudden repair to a heating system in the middle of January is a major pain point for so many homeowners. And yet, few people take the steps earlier in the year, when fall temperatures are just starting to cool down, to prevent heating repair so it’s not such an urgent problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to get through the winter worry-free this year?

While we cannot guarantee your heating system will not break down this year, we can tell you that the following steps can significantly reduce the chances that you’ll need an emergency heating repair later on. You just have to take these steps early in the season!

#1: Schedule Heating Maintenance

This is by far the best way to prevent a repair from happening in the first place or to prevent an existing problem from spiraling out of control. Professional heating maintenance allows your technician to tune-up your furnace and prepare it for fall and winter. Some of the adjustments they make help a system to run more smoothly, which can prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Otherwise, they’ll do a complete inspection of your heating system and make sure that all the components are running smoothly. They may find a component in need of repair or replacement, but it’s worth it to make this repair sooner rather than too late.

#2: Change Your Filter

It’s easy to ignore this advice if you haven’t noticed problems with the quality of the air flowing through your home. But a technician’s concern for your air filter and furnace filter goes beyond indoor air quality.

A dirty filter blocks airflow from flowing through a heater. Your heating system is designed to take in a certain amount of airflow with each cycle, which means that it won’t work the way it’s supposed. A dirty filter makes it more likely for the system to become overworked, which means repairs become more and more likely with each passing month.

#3: Only Allow Quality Technicians to Work on Your Heater

We hate to admit it, but one of our biggest sources of income comes from fixing the mistakes of others. You may think you are saving money on heating repair by hiring someone with little experience and low prices, but the truth is that they likely don’t have the skill to do the job right the first time around. That means you have to pay more to have quality technicians fix their mistakes. Choose a quality team the first time around!

#4: Don’t Ignore Any Potential Problem

Want to avoid a complete breakdown of your whole-house heating system? Then don’t let small problems get written off as something that’s no big deal. If you hear a strange humming noise or notice a slight drop in temperatures, it might seem fine, but it can only become a bigger problem with time. Make a minor repair now to prevent a major repair in the future!

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