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4 Steps for a Safer Heating Season

smoke-detector-fireFor an air conditioning and heating company, there are really only two seasons that matter: cooling season and heating season. During the cooling season (spring and summer), we like to remind people to change their filters, maintain their AC equipment, and ensure their central ACs are good to go for the season. You can’t be without air conditioning in our summer climate!

But in the heating season, we’re more focused on advising our friends and neighbors on heating safety. After all, safety is the number one priority for your family, so it’s our main priority too! Follow these tips to avoid dangerous situations as you use your heater, and know your family is safe.

Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors Monthly

First, you should make sure you have carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors in any room where they are needed. This includes keeping them near areas where people sleep. Check local codes to see where CO and smoke detectors are required in your area.

Then, it’s important to test smoke and CO detectors regularly and change the batteries when needed. CO is a toxic gas that gives off no odor, so you’ll have no other way to detect it if the alarm doesn’t work.

  • Hold down the test button to check the alarm once a month.
  • Replace the batteries every 6 months.
  • Replace the CO and smoke detector units every 10 years.

Keep the Furnace Area Clean

If your furnace is located in an attic or crawlspace, you may store objects around it without giving it much thought. This, however, can be dangerous. To avoid overheating the furnace, be sure the area is completely clear at least 3 feet from every side.

Another way to keep the furnace clean and avoid overheating is to replace the air filter every 3 months. A clogged filter makes it difficult for air to move through the unit, which may allow the furnace plenum to become overheated.

Have the System Inspected

When you have your heating system inspected each and every year, you greatly decrease the chances the it will fail when you need it most or, more importantly, that it will lead to unsafe conditions. Most heating companies offer complete maintenance services that include a tune-up and thorough inspection of your equipment. If something is off, like a broken safety switch or cracked heat exchanger, you’ll find out so you can start on repairs or replacement.

Replace an Older Heater

There’s no getting around it. At some point, your older heating system simply needs to be replaced. After about 15 years, not only is a furnace less effective, but it can also become unsafe. Safety switches may fail, parts become corroded, and connections may loosen to create dangerous conditions, which no amount of maintenance can truly reconcile. Replace your heating system when your technician advises it to keep your home safe.

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