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Get a System that Heats and Cools Your Whole Home

Heating systems and cooling systems are usually two completely separate units. They may have been installed at the same time. They are likely controlled with the same thermostat. They could even use the same fan to suck in air and move it throughout your home. However, the standard setup still consists of two different units: the furnace and the air conditioner.

The air conditioner, as you may know, consists of two parts of its own. There’s the indoor blower and coil portion of the system, and there is also an outdoor compressor/condenser unit. In the last several decades, developments in technology have allowed you the ability to use one system for heating and cooling, and it has the same setup and a standard air conditioner. This system is called a heat pump.

How It Works

A heat pump heats and cools your home using refrigeration. Now, you may only associate refrigeration with cooling—like when you think of your home’s refrigerator. But the process of refrigeration is actually a process of moving heat from place to place.

The only way to make something cool is to take away heat. In your refrigerator, heat moves to the outside of the refrigerator box so that your food stays cool. With a whole-home air conditioner, heat is moved from the inside of the home to the outdoors.

A heat pump simply reverses the standard whole-home cooling process. A refrigerant is used to absorb heat from the inside of the home and move it outdoors in the summer. When it gets cool, the heat pump can move heat from the outside to the inside of your house.

Why Choose a Heat Pump

So why would you choose a heat pump for your next home comfort installation rather than the standard furnace/air conditioning setup?

  • Efficiency – Moving heat from place to place is a much more efficient process than generating heat. If you were using an electric furnace before, the energy savings in cold weather will be noticeable, as will the summertime savings with a high-efficiency system.
  • It Works – Heat pumps work for cooling and for heating, even when it’s very cold outdoors. A thermodynamic process allows it to absorb heat anyway!
  • Ease of Maintenance – Sometimes, it’s easier to care for an all-in-one system than for two separate units.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call and let us do it right the first time! Call us today for heat pump installation or service in La Plata, NM.

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