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How to Keep Your Commercial AC Bills Low This Summer

Summer temperatures in Bloomfield average in the high 80s and low 90s, and your business’s air conditioning will usually stay humming every day keeping the workplace cooled down for the comfort and contentment of customers, clients, tenants, etc. Air conditioning costs are probably a large item on your quarterly budget during the summer, but you are probably paying more than you should.

The technicians at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. have some advice for how you can save money with your AC during this summer. If you have further questions, or wish to schedule service for your commercial HVAC in Bloomfield, NM, just give our staff a call.

Ways to lower your commercial AC bills

  • Schedule spring maintenance: This is the key part of seeing that your commercial cooling system works at peak efficiency during the summer, without wasting energy. A commercial HVAC technician will come to your business and provide a thorough inspection for the air conditioning and then tune-up, adjust, and clean it where necessary. The technician will catch any impending repairs so you can have them fixed before the summer starts. These regular inspections and tune-ups will help an air conditioning system retain 95% of its efficiency throughout its lifespan, rather than experience a 5% decline over each year.
  • Install “smart” thermostats: One of the key ways to maintain energy efficiency for an HVAC system is by maintaining a temperature on the thermostat that is comfortable but not wasteful. In a home with a single thermostat, this job is simple. But for a business it is much more complicated. Installing new “smart” thermostat technology will make it far easier. These thermostats learn from your programming and create their own energy-saving program. Not only will smart thermostats help your business save on air conditioning, but you won’t have to worry about constantly monitoring it.
  • Only rely on professional repair services: Whenever your air conditioning starts to show signs that it needs repairs, always call on experienced commercial repair technicians. Going with amateurs or professionals who only have residential experience can end up damaging the AC’s efficiency, making it more expensive to run.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has served businesses in Bloomfield, NM with commercial HVAC services for over a decade now. We want to help you lower your air conditioning bills this summer, and every summer after that, so give us a call today to arrange for the work that will help make your commercial air conditioning the most energy efficient it can be.

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