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Commercial AC Units Still Need Expert Support


You already know that the temperatures in our area never cool down for long – even in winter. That means you’re likely running your AC unit to cool your business for the majority of the year. And you need to be able to depend on your cooling system every day. If your unit is working just fine, you may not have AC maintenance on your mind.

But you definitely want to stay ahead of AC repairs – especially when it comes to your business. So if you need maintenance for your commercial AC in Bloomfield, NM, give us a call. By the time you notice warning signs that your AC needs attention, it may already be too late. Damage can add up quickly when just a single component stops working correctly. 

Why Schedule Commercial AC Maintenance?

All AC units require expert attention, whether it’s a residential or commercial system. But commercial units are even more complex and require specialized care. For your unit to stay in peak condition you should schedule maintenance at least once per year. Your unit is so complex that once one thing goes wrong it causes a domino effect. 

Regular AC maintenance means that problems get identified and fixed early before they become larger or spread. Keep in mind that if you have a heat pump system, you may need to schedule maintenance twice a year instead. 

Benefits of Scheduled Commercial AC Maintenance 

  • Beat the heat – Those summer temperatures are not giving us a break. When your customers step inside your shop, restaurant, or other business, they expect to feel cool and comfortable. Even in the fall, our temperatures are higher than in other areas of the country. In order to maintain that cool indoor temperature, your AC has to run at its best.
  • High energy bills – Your AC unit loses its efficiency little by little, costing you more on your energy bills as time passes. In fact, experts estimate that without maintenance your unit loses around 5% of its efficiency in a year’s time. Regular maintenance can help you retain some of that efficiency by ensuring all components are secure and working correctly.  
  • Avoid emergencies – You don’t want to arrive one day at work to find out that your AC isn’t even working. Routine maintenance means that you can stay ahead of repairs and avoid surprises. When you fix parts early on as they wear out, there’s less of a chance that the unit will have a major breakdown. In fact, you can avoid 85% of emergencies just by keeping up with commercial AC maintenance. 

The best time of year to schedule AC maintenance is now – toward the end of summer. You want to address any concerns promptly and before the next cooling season rolls around. If now isn’t a good time, schedule your maintenance in early Spring before your unit has to take on the heat of summer. 

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Schedule an appointment and let us do it right the first time!

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