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Here’s How You Can Spot the Need for AC Repairs

thumbs-upWhen you run into trouble with your air conditioning system, particularly in as hot a climate as we all live in, you really need to act fast to get that system back on track as soon as possible. Not only will this ensure that your comfort does not go interrupted, but it can also really help you to avoid serious damages to your air conditioning system.

Before you can go ahead and schedule prompt AC repairs, of course, you are going to need to learn to spot signs of trouble with your system promptly. That’s where today’s post comes in. Our Farmington, NM air conditioning repair professionals are more than happy to give you some tips on how you can recognize that your AC is potentially in trouble.

Warm Air/Uneven Cooling

This one sounds obvious, but sometimes it is still overlooked—particularly when your system is fighting against really high temperatures. If your AC is pumping out lukewarm air, that’s not normal. If your home used to cool down evenly, but doesn’t so much anymore, that’s not normal. You could have leaky ducts, or any number of other issues that you’ll need professionally resolved.

Short Cycling

An air conditioner is not supposed to run constantly. However, it is also not supposed to start up, run briefly, then cycle right back down again. If this is happening in your home, then your system is short cycling. That means that it is encountering an issue of some kind—anything from a very dirty air filter to a very serious refrigerant leak—triggering it to shut down prematurely.

High Cooling Costs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cool your home free of charge? Of course it would! So would waking up to find millions of dollars had suddenly found their way into your bank account, without explanation. Unfortunately, both scenarios are equally unlikely. You are going to have to pay to cool your home, but don’t overpay. If your costs are soaring out of control, there is probably an issue leading to reduced energy efficiency.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time!

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