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Simple Tips for Keeping Your AC Reliable

don't-forgetA less reputable contractor might use a post like this to make some wild claims about how you can completely avoid the need for air conditioning repairs in your home. Not only are we too realistic to make any such claims, but we are also simply too honest to do so. What we can promise you, however, is that the tips in this post will help you to keep your air conditioner functioning more reliably. No system will be 100% reliable at all times, but you can get as close as possible.

If you have any questions about the information in this blog post, or if you require any AC services, be sure to reach out to our Cedar Hill, NM air conditioning pros. Your air conditioner is way too important to be taking any chances with around here. With temperatures as hot as ours, it goes without saying that a reliable air conditioner is really more of a necessity than it is a luxury.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

This sounds simple, and, well, it is. It is also one of the most effective ways in which you can help to keep your air conditioning system functioning propelry. Few homeowners really understand just what this filter is there for, let alone how failing to change it regularly can negatively affect their HVAC systems.

That filter is not really there to boost indoor air quality throughout the house. Instead, its primary function is to protect the HVAC system itself. When a filter gets too dirty, dust and dirt can build up on sensitive components. Increased airflow resistance can lead to reduced energy efficiency, icing evaporator coils, and short cycling. Repair needs are much more likely to develop.

Schedule Repairs Promptly

No, this one is not cheating. Sure, it may sound odd to say that scheduling repairs can help to limit problems with your AC, but we’re talking about those repairs that some homeowners deem too “minor” to prioritize. These included occasional odd noises, the aforementioned short cycling, and other issues that don’t result in very big problems, such as a breakdown or failure to cool the house.

By having these issues addressed promptly and having the core problems resolved immediately, you eliminate the risk of the snowballing and causing much bigger problems than they otherwise would have. If you ask us, no air conditioning problem is really all that “minor”.

Schedule Maintenance

This is a tip that you’ll see us revisit a lot on this blog. Why? Because some information is valuable enough to keep coming back to. If you want to limit the risk of problems with your air conditioning system, scheduling annual maintenance with trained professionals is the way to do it. An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure, and all that.

Simple steps like changing your air filter you can handle. The vast majority of AC maintenance requires the kind of skill and expertise that only trained professionals can offer, though. That is why we suggest enrollment in our maintenance program.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is always here to help.


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