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Problematic Sounds Your AC Might Make


When it comes to using your air conditioner, you want your system to work effectively and without any trouble. There is a chance that your air conditioner seems to be working right but it has started to make some odd noises. But is a noisy AC really a problem if your system is still working right?

The answer is that a noisy AC is still something to be concerned about. Those noises are indicators of trouble in your system and, even if it seems to be working properly, the core cause of the sound is already undermining its operation. So what are these noises? We’ll tell you below.


When you hear rattling from your air conditioner, this often means that the system has a loose part inside of it. This may be created by a bolt, screw, or even a fan blade that is starting to come loose and vibrate.


Clanging is the sound that you may hear if that rattling noise goes on for too long. This is because the part that was coming loose is now completely free and bouncing around in your AC, causing even worse damage to other system components.


Don’t mix up hissing with the regular whoosh of air that you want to hear from your AC. They aren’t the same. Hissing is created by a leak, either a leak in your ducts or a leak in your refrigerant line. These issues will rapidly undermine your AC’s ability to cool the home off.


Buzzing, often also described as a humming noise, is a likely indicator of an electrical problem within your AC. Maybe there are loose or frayed wires causing problems. Whatever the core cause, make sure that you have a technician come check the system out before it breaks down.


This is another noise that is a likely indicator of a refrigerant leak. Bubbling is created when air enters the part of the refrigerant line where the refrigerant is still in a liquid state.

A bubbling sound may also be created by a condensate drain that is starting to form a clog.


When you run your AC and hear a screeching or squealing noise, you may be tempted to shut the system back off. Honestly, that may be a good idea. What you are hearing is the sound of metal scraping against metal such as when you have a dry motor belt or dry bearings. Leaving the system off until a technician can assess the noise can help prevent a bigger issue.


After all of the noises, we listed above, the idea of a silent air conditioner may feel like a relief. The reality however is that a silent air conditioner is one that isn’t working at all.

An air conditioner that has started to create a ruckus is one that likely requires AC repair in Farmington, NM. Make sure to reach out to a professional ASAP when you hear something amiss with your AC.

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