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My AC System Is New. Does It Really Need Maintenance?

A brand new air conditioner is at the peak of performance, usually running without trouble and requiring a lot less energy than the system it replaced. Today’s air conditioners are built to be tough and energy efficient, and you may even notice that you feel a lot more comfortable after installation. So if your system is 5 years old or less, you shouldn’t have to service it, right?

This is far from accurate. Delaying professional air conditioning service only give the components of your air conditioner a chance to wear down. Chances are, the parts of your AC have already begun to run into some trouble, and no matter how minor this may be, it could affect the performance and efficiency of your system.

The steps of professional air conditioning maintenance

Professional maintenance technicians can tune up your air conditioning system in order to bring it into the best condition possible. This improves the efficiency and performance of your system and may even extend its lifespan. Actually, some manufacturer’s warranties are void if you don’t seek maintenance each year, another reason you should seek maintenance services each year. Here are some of the general steps of routine maintenance.

  • Adjusting components: After one season of use, the parts of your air conditioner go through a lot. The moving parts may need lubrication, the electrical connections may need tightening, and the thermostat could need calibration. Making these adjustments improves the overall performance of the unit.
  • Cleaning parts: The parts of your air conditioner can gather dust and debris easily in the span of a year, but cleaning these parts is not an easy thing to do. While you can clean or replace the air filter each month, it’s best to let a professional clean out the condensate drain, coils, and blower components for maximum efficiency.
  • A full inspection: After a complete inspection of the inside and outside parts of your system, a technician will tell you if any parts need repairs that cannot be completed at the time of maintenance. Even in a new system, there could be hidden problems that can be tough to catch without the proper training.

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