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How to Find an Efficient System for Air Conditioning Installation

When selecting a new air conditioning system, many homeowners are concerned about the initial cost. This is understandable; an air conditioner is no small investment, and it’s quite likely that your new installation was somewhat unexpected, especially if you are replacing a broken down system. However, paying attention only to the upfront costs of an air conditioner can cost you later on. An inexpensive unit may not last long enough to be cost-effective, and it is not likely to be an energy efficient choice. The following guide details two ways to make sure your new AC runs efficiently, saving you money from month to month, which may eventually offset the initial cost.

Check the SEER

The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is represented as a number which helps you to determine how efficient the air conditioning system is. In our area, the SEER of a new AC installation must be at least 14, but in other parts of the country that get less use out of their AC (like the East Coast), this number is 13. This number is a representation of how much energy it uses to cool a space, and a higher SEER is preferable for greater monthly savings. The most efficient air conditioners have a SEER closer to 20.

You can also look for the ENERGY STAR seal printed on those air conditioners which are certified by the standards of the EPA to save energy and still provide the same level of comfort you would expect—if not better.

Choose an Air Conditioning Specialist for Planning and Installation

No matter how efficient your air conditioning system is, you cannot expect it to save you any money if it is not properly installed. It’s far too often that our specialists are called out to fix an AC that was not set up in the proper way, and is occasionally the wrong size for a home. An AC that is too small will wear down quickly and do a poor job of cooling, using a lot of energy to do so, while one that is too large will short cycle and become overworked. Only allow a professional to perform the complex calculations for sizing and to ensure it is installed correctly the first time.

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