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Get Better Control Of Your Comfort With a New Thermostat

It is frustrating to feel out of control of your home comfort. Adjusting the temperature should be as simple as turning the dial or moving the switch on your thermostat. It makes sense that you would be annoyed when this isn’t the case.

It may help to know you aren’t alone. Issues like this are going to happen at some point to almost everyone. And the reason why is because your thermostat can’t last forever. That’s right–trouble with home comfort control may very well be due to a failing thermostat.

Here are the signs it is time to upgrade your thermostat in Farmington, NM.

3 Warning Signs That Your Thermostat Is On Its Way Out

You don’t want to keep around a thermostat that isn’t able to do its job properly. Let’s answer the question of whether or not your thermostat is ready to be replaced.

  • Poor temperature detection. First and foremost you may need an upgrade of this system if you notice that it is unable to properly detect the temperature in the house. This can mean reading a temperature in the comfortable range, such as 72°, when it is really somewhere up to 78 or even 80°.
  • Delayed reponse time. You go to turn on the thermostat and cool things off–but you find yourself–waiting–for a response from the thermostat. This isn’t normal! Delayed response can be an indicator that your thermostat is about to breakdown completely.
  • Randomly reseting. Your thermostat shouldn’t be able to disagree with you. While there is a limit to how low you can set your thermostat, the system shouldn’t be reseting the requested temperature such as changing from 75 to 80°.
  • Nothing on the display screen. Do you have a thermostat with a display screen? If so, you may notice that after years of using it, the system may stop responding at all. Whether this is due to a disconnect in the electrical connections or the thermostat going completely dead, you should have an expert check things out and see if you should upgrade.

Why Upgrading Is a Great Idea

Your current thermostat is causing too many problems and you need a new one–upgrading to a better, more technologically advanced thermostat is a great idea in this case. Smart to Wifi thermostats come with some great benefits and better comfort control than their predecessors. This includes:

  • The ability to access your thermostat remotely and adjust the temperature.
  • The ability to see how much energy you use throughout the day.
  • The ability to create cooling (or heating) programs to save energy and time.
  • The ability to detect temperature more accurately, thus providing better control of your comfort at home.

As you can see, upgrading when you replace your old, malfunctioning thermostat is a great idea and it is something that our team is happy to help with. We can pair you with the best thermostat for your home needs and get it properly installed in short order.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give us a call and let us do it right the first time! Schedule your appointment with Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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