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Do You Need Ductless Repairs?

Summer is fast approaching, which means that if your ductless system needs repair, now is the perfect time to schedule your services. Of course, most of the time, your ductless system will operate without a hitch, and although these systems are known for being highly efficient and effective, it does not mean that they are immune to repair issues.

There are quite a few signs that suggest it’s time to schedule AC repair in La Plata, NM for your ductless system, and below, we have listed a few of them. Remember, if you notice any of the following issues, it is important that you contact your local HVAC expert right away! Keep reading to find out more! 

Signs That Your Ductless System is in Trouble

If you own a ductless system, be on the lookout for the following signs of trouble:

Water Leaks

Each of the wall-mounted air handlers in your home has a series of connections routed through a hole behind them. These connections include a power line, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line. The condensate line is responsible for removing water from the cooling process so that it doesn’t enter your home. If this line starts to leak, you will notice water beginning to collect between the back of the air handler and the wall.

Low Cooling Output

During the summer, you expect your ductless system to keep you cool and comfortable, so if it is unable to keep up with your comfort needs, it is likely that you’ve got a problem on your hands. It could be that the system is running low on refrigerant, is experiencing an electrical issue, or is in need of a good cleaning. Either way, it is best to have it looked at.

Icy Coil

The outside part of your ductless system is the part responsible for siphoning thermal energy from the surrounding air and sending it inside to heat the home. As a side effect of the process, ice can form and buildup on the coil of the unit. Normally, a defrost cycle works to keep the ice from building up too high. If the cycle malfunctions, however, the ice could completely cover the unit and cause a breakdown.

Higher Bills

We always recommend keeping a close eye on your monthly energy bills. If you notice that you are paying more and more to keep your home cool, it is likely that the issue resides with your ductless system. There is no reason that you should keep paying more than you have to, so schedule your repairs with a professional right away!

So, What are You Waiting For?

If you suspect your ductless system is in disrepair, it is important that you contact a local HVAC professional right away! Scheduling repairs at the first sign of an issue is the best way to prevent a full system breakdown. Remember, only a professional has the tools, training, and experience to properly repair your ductless system.

To schedule your ductless repairs, contact the team at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today! 

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